AHAE, the artist who has taken more than two-and-half million photographs, on show in Versailles

Every day, for four years, from the window of his studio, through his lens Ahae has captured the cycle of life. A single vantage point and over two-and-a-half million shots that bear testimony to the extraordinary beauty of nature immortalized throughout the seasons. Two hundred photographs by this unique artist are on show until September 9 at the Orangerie of the Versailles Palace.

“Ahae invites us to see the extraordinary in the apparently ordinary,” says Henri Loyrette, former president and director of the Louvre, which last summer hosted the first French exhibition of this highly-original artist in the Jardin des Tuileries.

Now, a year later, these words have inspired the title of this new exhibition which brings together over two-hundred photographs being shown at the Orangerie of the Versailles Palace: “Fenêtre sur l’extraordinaire”.


A wealthy South Korean businessman and dedicated environmental activist since the 1970s, for the last four years Ahae has been involved in an unusual adventure: to photograph nature, from dawn to dusk, every day from the same window in his studio, capturing a natural habitat teeming with life. Every day, he takes between two- and four-thousand photographs thanks to the use of 40-odd cameras and various lenses.


A meticulous, almost maniacal enterprise, but also a veritable ode to life.


Coverage by A.Marguet, J-Y.Blanc, G.Guillot
France 3/Culturebox June 26, 2013