51 works exhibited: 29 Digital Chromogenic Prints, 5 Backlit Grand Light Boxes and 17 Backlit Duratrans Chromogenic Print Light Boxes

The collection of photographs that were taken from Ahae’s window captivated the hearts of those who wandered through the Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal during the first Through My Window exhibition held at this historical landmark in April 2011. The visitors were able to experience the purity and essence of nature through the moments captured in Ahae’s photographs.

The Through My Window exhibition returned to this majestic location, bringing a world of nature back to us once more. The theme of the exhibition was Vibrancy and Serenity. The east and west wings of Vanderbilt Hall featured animals on the move in vibrant lighting and colors on one side, and calm and peaceful scenes on the other, all captured through one window.

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