New Photo Exhibit by Ahae Opens in Grand Central Station

Visitors and passerby to Grand Central Station can now take a look through a window in South Korea.

For “Through My Window,” the photographer Ahae took more than a million pictures through the window of his house, which overlooks an organic nature preserve in South Korea. A selection of the photos of birds, deer and other wildlife is on display in two atriums of Grand Central Station’s Vanderbilt Hall.

On Thursday, some bustling travelers stopped to check out the photos, which are divided into two contrasting groups : “Vibrancy” and “Serenity.”

“Vibrancy” features bright colors and images with a lot of movement. “Serenity,” captures the more peaceful and quiet aspects of the natural world.

“Through My Window” opened on Thursday and will be on display at Grand Central Station through October 22. Check out images below.

To take the photographs, Ahae used quiet Japanese cameras and showered with neutral soap before opening his window, so that the birds, deer and other wildlife did not sense or smell him.

By Julia Furlan
WNYC Culture Producer
October 14, 2011