Through My Window: Ahae’s Exhibition at the Louvre

Imagine looking out the same window every day. Now, say you take pictures through that window each day. You might expect that the scenery never changes, no matter how many times you click the shutter. Yet Ahae, an artist who hails from Korea, believes differently. From his countryside home in South Korea, he photographs graceful herons and leaping deer, sunsets and clouds- all taken through the same window. And every shot is different.

For three years, Ahae compiled millions of photographs, taking an average of 2,000 to 4,000 pictures per day. He even had to set up a special processing station in order to keep up with the workflow. After his first two years, he decided to create a book of his work titled, Through My Window. Within it he showcases environmentally compelling photographs ranging from waterfowl to trees. With them, he chronicles the march of the seasons and the change of weather.

It wasn’t until recently that Ahae’s work gained widespread recognition. Now the public can enjoy his images at an exhibition in Paris. From June 27 until August 26, the Louvre will showcase a selection of his photographs, which range from 10 meters long to a more modest size and reveal various perspectives.

Connecting deeply with nature can seem difficult unless we venture into national parks or climb secluded mountaintops. Yet Ahae shows us that wildlife and plants aren’t so hard to reach- just look through your window.

By Catherine Griffin
Audubon Magazine June 13, 2012