“Through My Window”: Korean Photography Exhibition at Grand Central Terminal

If you were to take a picture of the world outside your window for over one hundred days, what would the pictures show? Meet Korean visionary Ahae. Ahae’s work is being featured in a photography exhibition, “Through My Window” which shows over one hundred photographs taken in all seasons, showing the world outside through one window. The photography exhibit will be on display at Grand Central Terminal‘s Vanderbilt Hall through May 7.

A famous Korean naturalist and photographer, Ahae, has taken almost one million photographs. About 90 percent of his photography comes from one window of his home overlooking an enchantingly beautiful rural region of South Korea. His photographs show nature at its purest and most undisturbed. They are not artificial or manipulated, but instead focus on the beauty of nature itself, allowing viewers to see and contemplate the photographs with their individual perspectives.

The exhibition promotes the importance of environmental preservation in relation to our continuing health and well being.

For more information, click on www.ahae.com

By Myrna Holguin
Examiner.com May 4, 2011