THROUGH MY WINDOW Photography by Ahae

Two years spent watching the world from one window, and describing it from that unique perspective. The exhibition is the Italian debt of a Korean artist called Ahae, which means ‘child’.

With his images, Ahae brings the natural world in all its magnificent beauty. And immortalizing the passage of time and changes in the nature that surrounds it, the photographer would also launch a strong message that we must take on the responsibility towards the world we live in. Engaged since the 1970s in environmental protection, with his shots scours the nature in which it is immersed, reminding us that the world we have inherited is splendid but also in danger and we must do everything in our power to protect it.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue documenting the artist’s work, with text by Milan Knížák, former General Director of the National Gallery in Prague, Joseph Backstein, Director of the Institute of contemporary art, and Commissioner of the Moscow Biennale of contemporary art in Moscow, and Keith H. Yoo

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Accademia di Belle Arti (Visit the website)

By Agenda Venezia