Through My Window: The Untouched nature of Ahae, a photography exhibition at Vremena Goda Galleries

Vremena Goda Galleries
15 september 2011 — 5 october 2011

Curators: Mr. Keith H. Yoo & Ahae Press, Inc.

Organizers: Mr. Keith H. Yoo & Ahae Press, Inc.

The Untouched nature of Ahae, a photography exhibition at Vremena Goda Galleries.

From 23 September to 30 October the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art will take place. This year the main aim of the project is to demonstrate the artists’ thought process on different levels: technical, political, psychological and of course, ecological. The latter is reflected in the creations of Korean photographer Ahae who will exhibit his works devoted to nature and ecology within the framework of the biennale between 15 September and 5 October. Mr. Ahae’s exhibition entitled Through My Window opens officially September 15 at the aptly named Vremena Goda (Seasons in English) Galleries, it will be displayed on two levels – the first floor Gallery and the design centre’s panoramic hall on the fourth floor.

Ahae takes 4000 shots of nature daily, over the last 2 years he’s gathered over a million. Each one captures the majesty of nature in its most primitive form as it appears through the eyes of its patient observer, naturalist and defender, who hour after hour, minute by minute for a whole year kept a scrupulous eye, through the window of his home.

The narrow frame was chosen especially to mirror the blinkered view of our relationship with nature, at the same time showing off the earth’s unbelievable beauty and depth, visible and comprehended by man even from the comfort of his own home. On his nature watch, Ahae discovered a new and unconventional but also very simple means of drawing attention to the problems of our environment and awakening in all people a sense of responsibility; showing mankind that it’s not too late to preserve our environment. To do so, we must let it be and nature will take its course.

Ecology and nature protection have been key themes in Ahae’s life since the 1970s and exist beyond his art. Today Ahae owns expansive plantations in South Korea which produce organic green tea of the highest quality and in California, fields of organic lavender. He has contributed innovations and research in environmental concerns as well as in healthcare. An inventor himself, Ahae came up with the concept of paper soap.

On top of this, Ahae participates in various charity activities and social initiatives to bring attention to ecological problems. In July an exhibition of his photographs and private view of an organic forest garden was held at Clarence House, the official residence of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales with an organic dinner following at Lancaster House, home of the foreign office. In the same month Ahae presented his work in the National Gallery in Prague. The Moscow exhibition takes place in one of the city’s most original architectural sites, Vremena Goda Galleries. In October, another large exhibition will be held at Grand Central Terminal, New York before continuing to Paris and Stockholm.

By Anna Jackson-Stevens
4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art,  Special Projects